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Carly is driven by stories—telling them, researching them, collaborating on them—that make a difference.  


As a writer and anthropologist, she's drawn to human-centered stories and projects, to the nuggets of empathy and insight below the surface. She's driven by connection, to uncover the things that unite us, rather than the things that divide. 

Carly is happiest when crafting stories that move you to action. That you share at the dinner table. That connect you to people, places, and times that you've never met or have never been—but that awake a curiosity that lingers. 



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Experience & Interests


Carly has close to a decade's experience writing, creating, researching, and advocating for underserved people and under-told stories. Through her role at Alight, Carly honed deep storytelling and program design experience in places like Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, El Salvador, Mexico, Turkey and beyond. Some of her all-time favorite projects include co-designing the Color Movement, a collaboration with nuns and at-risk youth in El Salvador, acting as the managing editor of a daily digital blog called Changemakers 365, and facilitating a million dollar cash transfer to 1,000 moms in Somaliland, broadcasting it live to world leaders and philanthropists like President Obama and Bill Gates. 

Now splitting her time between Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Kigali, Rwanda, Carly is most likely found scheming her latest story ideas, canoeing the St. Croix River, watching a campy Sci-Fi show, cooking dishes that are way over her head, or trying (some days more successfully than others) to go for runs on Kigali's hilly streets. 


"Carly is a talented communicator who can help bring your vision to life through a wide range of skillsets and expertise. She is a wonderful partner on projects that require fast, nimble, and creative problem solving or detailed craft and execution. If you need someone to help shape and bring your voice to life she's your gal." 


"Carly can drop into any project and quickly get to the root of desirability.  She spent so many afternoons sipping tea with Catholic Nuns in El Salvador and Mexico, gaining insights to design branding and communications that brought the nuns and the impactful work they do out from under the radar to the larger world. Carly changed the game in how we talk about the work of nuns and navigated us in thinking critically about what type of work to do with nuns and how.  She knows how to flip narratives and keep customers in focus through incredible human-centeredness.  Carly’s value is beyond words."


Carly has been an amazing editor. She asked discerning
questions and pushed me to go deeper and reveal myself more fully
than I ever intended. My simple words have been elevated into a story
that reads more like a symphony because of Carly’s creative talent as
an editor and storyteller.

Narda PitkethlY / AUTHOR /Nardagani: A Memoir 
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